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600+ Michigan Youth to Powershift!

on August 7, 2013

The date has been set, the recruitment teams are forming, and the excitement is building for the country’s largest youth climate conference, happening October 18-21 in Pittsburgh, PA. Will you be coming to Powershift 2013?

If you decide that the answer is “YES!” to that question, you should know that you won’t be alone. In fact, you should probably start getting ready to spend the most inspiring, intense, cozy, crazy, and exciting 4 days of your life this fall with hundreds of other Michigan students (and THOUSANDS of youth from across the country). For these 4 days our movement will come together to express our power and actively work to stop the climate crisis and protect the rights of people, land, air, water, and wildlife against the destructive forces of fossil fuel profiteers.

Unfortunately we can’t all get there on excitement alone, and its going to take a lot of hard work, collaboration, and dedication to make it all happen. The good news is that the MSSC has already got an amazing team of students taking the lead in recruitment around the state! We’re currently organizing at MSU, LCC, CMU, NMU, UM, EMU, WCC, GVSU, WMU, and more to come. Our overall goal is to get 600+ youth from MI to attend this conference, but also to come back and take effective and unified action to step up the climate movement in our state. If you want to join the recruitment team at any of these campuses or any others, please let me know! We can use help with recruiting 5 of your friends, organizing student groups to come, fundraising, and more! Send me an email at starkeel@gmail.com to learn more and get plugged in.

Wondering about all the rest of the details about Powershift? Like how to register? Or how you’ll get there? Or where you’ll sleep?? Along with getting over 600 MI youth to attend the conference, our team of recruiters will also be making sure that everyone who registers has a way to get there and somewhere to stay. There’s even opportunities to apply for financial assistance in registering for the conference, apply soon to get your reg fee covered! While we don’t know all the details about transportation and housing right now, we can say that we’ll be working to coordinate these logistics as a state and will be doing our best to make them as free and/or low cost as possible. If you have questions about your specific campus, feel free to contact me, or contact the State Lead in your area:

CMU, NMU- Mariah Urueta (mariahamberurueta@gmail.com)

MSU, LCC- Steve Riccardi (stevericcardi312@gmail.com)

UM, EMU- Marissa Solomon (solommar@umich.edu)

Grand Rapids Area- Gwen Gell (gellg@mail.gvsu.edu)

If you register before August 10th, you’ll pay the lowest possible price for the conference! Register today so that we can start planning all of our logistics and keep you updated!

If you want to get started with recruitment ASAP, we’re having a national recruitment phone bank this Thursday from 4-9! Learn more here and sign up. 


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