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President Obama on Divestment

on June 26, 2013

A few Michigan students are doing some pretty awesome things this summer, and one of them is Marissa Solomon from the University of Michigan. Marissa is spending her summer in Washington, D.C. working as a Powershift Fellow with the Energy Action Coalition. She’ll be working hard all summer preparing for the nation’s largest youth climate gathering, happening this October 18-21 in Pittsburgh. You should come with us! 

Marissa rallied outside of the President’s climate speech yesterday, and wrote a great blog post discussing his mention of the divestment campaign happening everywhere in the country. At UM, Marissa is engaged with the Divest and Invest campaign, calling on their administration to divest from fossil fuels.

“I was rallying outside of the president’s speech yesterday with at least 100 other students- students that were there to support the president’s response to grassroots environmental activism. The rally was overwhelmingly attended by young people, who came up with chants like ‘Yes we can! Comprehensive climate plan!’ and ‘Fired up, ready to go! Fossil fuels have got to go!’ It was proof that young people have passion, and young people come through. Obama would not have made his speech yesterday if students hadn’t pushed him there.”

Read her whole blog post here on wearepowershift.com about what the President’s speech means for the divestment movement

Thanks, Marissa!


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