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Divestment Working Group Notes!

on April 24, 2013

Hi MSSC!  Here is what the Divestment Working Group talked about during our call on April 24th!

Stephen from CMU spoke about how they launched their campaign with videos and posting fliers around campus.  They’ve begun asking faculty members for support in their campaign, and at the beginning of next school year they plan to publish a disorientation guide about divestment and chalk #divestcmu all over campus!

Marissa from U of M talked what the Divest and Invest Campaign has accomplished this year.  They launched the campaign in early March with a panel event, and went right into passing a resolution with the College of LSA Student Government.  They have also begun garnering support from faculty, and plan to pass a resolution in Central Student Government and meet with individual members of the Board of Regents to ask for support.

We also spoke about plans for the national Divestment Day of Action on May 2, where students will show support from divestment all over the country by taking pictures of events with orange squares, the national symbol of divestment!

Finally, we spoke about planning a Michigan Divestment Day of Action at the beginning of next year, where students all over Michigan can show support for divestment!  Maybe by wearing orange mittens?

Stay tuned for information about the next working group call!


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