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Anti-Fracking Working Group: Notes from Call

on April 11, 2013
Hi MSSCers! Here are the notes from the Anti-Fracking Working Group call on April 4th.

This blog will show MI students how others are working on fighting fracking, will be a place for resources, and where students can say what they need (ex. bodies at a protest). The next call we are hoping more people will have input as to where this group goes in terms of taking action! Attached is the link for the Doodle for our next call which will be next week! Please fill it out ASAPhttp://doodle.com/mmvmkcvxgcuhewtt

Ordinances: Alysha discussed the group that is currently working on creating a sample resolution and a how-to-guide for people to present in their cities. While this ordinance is not a straight “ban” on fracking, it works around the system to make it nearly impossible to frack in an area (ex. banning elements of fracking such as large truckloads, water withdrawal, etc). This also provides a neutral ground so people can get involved in the fight on fracking while  avoiding the “pro/con” ban debate. The counties that will be working on ordinances are: Grand Rapids/Kent County, Allegan County, Oakland County, and Washtenaw County. These counties will then be focusing on one specific city.

If you are interested in working on an ordinance in your county, contact Alysha McClain at alyshaomcclain@gmail.com

May 9: Unfortunately, May 9 is the next mineral rights lease auction and it is approaching quickly. There is a group of Michigan Fracktivists that will be planning the protest for this date. If you missed the call but would like to stay informed about the protest, contact Mariah at mariahamberurueta@gmail.com

Call-in number: (605) 475-4000
Access code: 362247#

So sign the Doodle and get on the next call! Cheers.

(Notes written by Mariah Urueta from CMU, edited by Claire Malley from UM.)


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