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Plans for Action Around Fracking Developing in MI

on February 28, 2013
From Mariah Urueta, CMU Student and MSSC Steering Commitee Member
Interested in joining a MSSC working group? Check out the anti-fracking one!
We’ll be having our first call very soon!
This past weekend, about 45 people representing different environmental organizations from across the state gathered in Delton, MI. The goal was to get the next steps moving to stop fracking in Michigan. This event was a unique and really great builder for Michigan fracktivists. There were many different tactics presented throughout the weekend. Every strategy from legalities, ordinances, deepwater testing/watchdog, organizing, and direct action were all discussed! While skeptical at first if any real steps would be taken (because there was so much information presented), I was pleasantly surprised when I left the weekend with many options of steps I could take against this destruction of land, air, and rights. There has been ideas floating around about a statewide coalition being formed and upcoming fracktivist convergences which I plan to keep everyone posted about! Personally, I will be working on the Mineral Right Lease Auction protest for May! I feel that this event was a great step for Michigan in trying to fight fracking. I am excited to bridge the MSSC and this event to gain more momentum for action! That is what I am hoping this working group can bring to the MSSC! Options for students to pursue other avenues of action, but ultimately a collective effort!

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