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More Success for CMU Take Back the Tap!

on February 26, 2013

From Mariah Urueta, Vice-President of CMU Take Back the Tap

Take Back the Tap at Central Michigan University is seeing some great feedback from their campaign that has been ongoing for 2.5 years. Presented legislation for a gradual phase out of bottled water on CMU’s campus passing through the Student Government has been TBTT’s main goal. As of last semester, the legislation passed through both the House and Senate of the Student Government after being OK-ed many times in the house, but passed for the first time in the Senate! So after a successful first semester the students planned a meeting with the Director of Purchase and Contracting. The students compiled all of the work from over the years; approximately 2,000 petition signatures, student government support, efforts to get retro-fit kits installed on campus, collaborative efforts with the university to get free reusable water bottles to all on campus students, and more! Unsure how he would take the presented information, it went better than they ever could have expected. Take Back the Tap at CMU still needs to gain additional faculty support, but the Monday following that meeting, the Director or Purchase and Contracting called CMU’s Pepsi and Coca-Cola representatives and told them not to plan on CMU buying bottled water in 2015! If that wasn’t enough, the week after, Take Back the Tap was able to complete their visual with the help of the awesome MSSC students at the statewide summit!
If anyone from their university is interested in starting a Take Back the Tap on our campus, we’re here for any advice and help we can give. We know that one for GVSU is in the works!



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