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#ForwardonClimate MI Trip to DC!

on February 6, 2013

***UPDATE*** Our bus is officially full!

We all had a great time this past fall travelling to DC to participate in the Do the Math tour and Keystone XL action, so its time to go back! But this time it will be for the biggest climate rally EVER, like 25,000 awesome people big.

Here are a few details so that you can know what to expect before you sign up!

With help from the Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, and a nice individual donor, we are able to book a bus to drive us all there. The cost for students will be just $20 to cover the remaining costs, and we have 55 seats available.

The bus will most likely leave from East Lansing at midnight Sunday morning, and make a pick-up in Ann Arbor at 1:30AM. This pick-up will be at the park and ride off of 23 at Plymouth Rd.  We will drive to DC, attend the rally, and leave 8 hours afterwards (so our bus driver can get some rest!). We are scheduled to arrive back in MI sometime very early Monday morning.

When we get to DC we will meet just north of the Washington Monument at noon to hear some great speakers, and then we will assemble on constitution ave. From here we will march to 15th street, and then form a giant human pipeline! This pipeline will represent KXL and our dirty energy systems of the past, but will eventually transform into a symbol of our renewable energy economy of the future. In 350.org’s words, “tens of thousands strong, we’ll form the largest symbol of hope for a safe climate future that this country has ever seen.” 

I can’t wait to stand in solidarity with thousands of people from across the country, and over 200 people from our home state! If you’re not convinced yet, come to our summit and hear Bill McKibben speak, and I promise you’ll be fired up and ready to take action with us.


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