Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition

Unifying the voice of a generation in environmental solidarity

Summit Workshops Update

on February 5, 2013

With our summit just 4 days away, here’s some more accurate descriptions of the workshops we will be offering. Student can pick 1 issue based track to participate in, and 1 skill building workshop. These issue based tracks will each feature 3 workshops about the issue, running from 1:00-4:00 on Saturday afternoon. The skill building workshops will directly follow, taking place from 4:00-5:00.

We have asked that you indicate which issue based workshop you’d like to participate in upon registration, but if anyone would like to make a change just send me an email at starkeel@gmail.com.

These issue based workshops aim to educate you about the issue, train you around a few key tactics, and immerse you in a dialogue of statewide power and momentum building.

  • Anti-Fracking: Join this group to learn about hydraulic fracturing, a harmful natural gas extraction process that is taking place in MI and across the country that can threaten our water sources and public health. These workshops will feature trainings around a few key tactics in the fracking fight, as well as a panel of fracking activists in MI who can answer any questions and offer a well rounded perspective on the issue and various strategies.
  • Anti-Tar Sands: Learn about how importing tar sands from Canada is not only destroying vital Canadian forests, but trampling the rights of people in MI and elsewhere. Participate in a discussion about how students can best engage with this issue and play a role in holding our state and tar sands companies responsible for their actions and pipelines. This is a fairly new campaign that will require some good brainstorming and creative tactics!
  • Divestment from Fossil Fuels: Discover more about this growing national campaign to limit the political power that fossil fuel companies have by asking our campus institutions to divest their money from these companies that impede climate action and pollute freely. You’ll learn about what divestment is and how to start an effective campaign on your campus!
  • Campus Sustainability: Participate in this discussion about what campus sustainability really means and learn more about how to negotiate with your administration for what your campus needs. These sessions will also offer useful insight as to how you can best start or move forward with sustainability projects on your campus.

When you check-in on Saturday morning we will ask you to select which skill building workshop you’d like to participate in. Check out these descriptions now so you’re prepared to choose on Saturday!

  • Grassroots Organizing: Start with the basics and learn more about the power of the grassroots and how you can help build it. Engage in a training that will help you convey your message effectively to any audience.
  • Leadership Development: Explore effective leadership qualities and learn more about the importance of diversity and creativity in organizing.  Help our movement survive by learning how to develop new leaders.
  • Strategic Direct Action: Discuss the philosophy of direct action and its uses, as well as explore the impact of cultural violence, power, and privilege on society.
  • Arts & Activism: Start thinking about how you can use your art as a powerful advocacy tool  that can speak to the masses in a way that conveys a deeper sense of human compassion and meaning. Discuss how we can integrate art with our activism more often to elevate the narrative of our work.
  • Sustainable Campus Gardening: Do some hands-on service work to support CMU’s Campus Grow, a group dedicated to organic farming and community development.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know! Again, all of these workshops will be lead by experienced student leaders, so get excited for some student power and knowledge building!

See you all soon!


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