Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition

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Facilitation Training!

on January 29, 2013

This past weekend students from Michigan State, the University of Michigan, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Grand Valley State University gathered to prepare for the MSSC’s upcoming statewide summit. This event was our facilitation training, with the goal of getting our student leaders ready and comfortable to run their workshops for students from all across our great mitteny state. 


This is exciting not only because its the MSSC’s first large summit event since 2009, but because this is an event that will be run entirely by students. We’ve had some great students from our host location (CMU!) planning our menu and finding us free housing, and all of our workshops are being created and facilitated by student leaders from all of the schools mentioned above. We will even have students participate as keynote speakers before we skype with Bill McKibben on Saturday evening and afterwards students will be entertaining us at a talent show, which will be raising money to install solar streetlights in Highland Park, MI. 

But, before we can get to all the fun stuff, we had to take a Saturday to make sure that we’re all prepared to run high quality workshops that will be appropriate for youth of all backgrounds and experience levels. During our Saturday together, these key student leaders came to the NWF offices in Ann Arbor to participate in various sessions that discussed what the role of a facilitator is and tools we can use, as well as get in some good planning time for their workshops. As a team we want to be very conscious of creating a facilitation style that allows for everyone to learn and participate, whether they are a freshman at a new school or already running a successful campus group. Of course, we also had some time to play a few cool games, like figuring out how to work ourselves out of this giant human knot!



Overall it was a great day! Our facilitation teams are ready to go, putting the finishing touches on their workshops, so now all we need is a great group of participants ready to learn! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to register for the summit ASAP! If you need some more info, check out our Facebook event here.This will be a weekend full of learning and networking, with a special focus on important issues such as fracking, tar sands, campus sustainability, and divestment from fossil fuels. Hope to see you all there!


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