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Taking Back the Tap at CMU

on November 12, 2012

From Mariah Urueta, Vice President of the Take Back the Tap organization at Central Michigan University. 

Take Back the Tap at Central Michigan University has been working endlessly to gradually phase out the sales of bottled water on the campus. Already, over 60 confirmed schools across the nation have ended the sales of bottled water through hard work and dedication. If Central Michigan University becomes the first University, or school in general, to make this grand step towards reducing our carbon emissions and increasing sustainability altogether, this will hopefully allow other schools around the state to follow! On Monday, October 29, Take Back the Tap’s legislation was passed by both the House and Senate of our Student Government Association (SGA). This is the fourth time it has been passed through the House, and the first by the Senate with a vote of 11 to 5 and 2 abstaining. Now that this is accomplished, Take Back the Tap plans to present their SGA support, nearly 1,800 petition signatures, and some picture petitions to Purchasing and Contracting in hopes of making amendments to the current Coca-Cola contracts. We will be sure to keep the MSSC posted! Not only will this be a great step for the university in terms of retention rates, financial, health, and environmental aspects, it will be an easy one at that- just drink out of a reusable water bottle!
Until our next step, let us go forth and conquer!

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