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GOTV for Prop 3!

on November 2, 2012

The election is almost here! Which means crazy town for most people I know, but its also been a lot of fun. These past few days MSSC’ers have been hard at work spreading the word about Prop 3 to as many students as possible to secure a clean energy victory for Michigan on November 6th. 



MSU students from the MSSC and MI Clean Water Action at the Rock on Thursday, Nov 1.            


Trick or Vote outside the Student Union at U of M!

Students have been outside on campuses all week braving the chilly temperatures to make sure that their peers get out to vote YES on Prop 3 November 6, and that Michigan can begin to free itself from some of the corporate power and tyranny exercised by our utility companies. Did you know that both DTE and Consumers Energy EACH contributed 11 million dollars to the opposition for Prop 3? Enbridge even pitched in $10,000, the company that spilled one million gallons of tar sands oil in to the Kalamazoo river  in 2010. All while complaining that renewable energy is too expensive…

These corporations and their money are Michigan’s biggest threat to clean energy. It seems that they will do anything to protect their profits from coal and coal infrastructure (DTE own many of the rail lines that import coal to MI!). These companies want to continue profiting from coal at the expensive of our health, our environment, and our economy. 

Please, vote YES on Prop 3 and let the people decide what is best for our state, not corporations that profit from pollution. And don’t forget to tell all your friends!

Given all this corporate spending, we need to be on our ground game as much as possible in these last few days. The most important things we can do right now are help to call voters and educate them about Prop 3, and ensure that we have poll greeters at all the top polling locations throughout the state handing out literature about Prop 3 on the 6th. If you have any time within the next few days, please help with these efforts! Organizers are coordinating phone banks (with pizza!) all across the state, and the Prop 3 campaign will be stationing as many poll greeters as possible. Sign up here to tell us how you can help out!

If we all pitch in to help pass Prop 3, I am confident that we will be celebrating a clean energy victory on November 7th. 



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