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Board Meeting this Past Weekend

on October 2, 2012

Wanted to do a quick update about something exciting that happened- we had all of our board members in one room this past Sunday in Lansing to discuss future MSSC plans and bringing on some new board members! 

This was a great opportunity to facilitate some more communication and updates between the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors, and we made some really great progress on establishing a process and timeline for putting together a new Board (will happen by the new year!)

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve had a great Board of Directors the past two years who have really helped with the long term planning of the MSSC. Our Board has helped us get funding for a full time organizer, helped us brainstorm our long term plans, connected us with great resources, and they have all been really great mentors. As the 2 year term is now ending for most of them, it will be exciting to bring on some new people, but so sad to see some of them leave. They will be moving on to great, exciting new things, and will remain in touch, but we will definitely miss them here on our Board. 

Here are our current Board members:

  • Sarah Mulkoff- National Wildlife Federation (Ann Arbor/Lansing)
  • Tremaine Phillips- Prima Civitas Foundation (Lansing)
  • Chris Detjen- Next Energy (Detroit)
  • Terry Link- Michigan State University, Greater Lansing Food Bank (Lansing)

As I mentioned before, we are currently going through our process to recruit new Board members from a wide variety of areas, backgrounds, and expertise. Our current members will all stay on to help facilitate this transition so that everything goes smoothly. We hope to add several new members and establish a more formal process for future transitions. 

Stay tuned to hear who our next Board members will be! 

On a different note, don’t forget to participate in the national 72 hour push to break the silence on climate! We are working with groups across the country to coordinate online action to make the moderator and candidates talk about climate during tomorrow’s first presidential debate. Sign up here to participate!



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