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Opposition to Fracking on Public Lands Addressed by the DNR!!

on October 1, 2012

It appears that the 1200+ comments submitted to the DNR and Director Keith Creagh opposing the auction of public lands for potential fracking activities have been heard! Many students attended the preliminary NRC meeting to voice their opinion that our public lands should not be sold to gas and oil companies for the purposes of hydraulic fracturing, which would contaminate our land and drinking water, and waste millions of gallons of water in the process.

Directly after this meeting Keith Creagh announced that the planned auction of this land will take place, but that he will look in to any “controls” that could be placed on fracking. Despite some folks denying the hazard of fracking to our state’s natural resources, it seems that the DNR has heard our voices against this process, and could be taking some action on the problem. Check out the article here!

Although this problem is far from over, it feels great to see the DNR taking our voices in to account, and looking further in to the fracking process! a BIG shout out to our friends organizing the Citizens Against Drilling on Public Lands. This student generated group out of Mt. Pleasant has provided an excellent, and very much needed, forum for students to unite against fracking in our state. They helped to generate the thousands of public comments and petition signatures needed to make our voices heard. Thanks for the great work and dedication!

Please join us on October 24th as we continue to protest the auction of our public lands and their mineral rights to oil and gas companies. This will be a crucial action to make sure that the DNR knows that we are taking this more seriously than ever, and want to hold them accountable to their mission and Michigan citizens. Check out the Facebook event here. 


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