Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition

Unifying the voice of a generation in environmental solidarity


on September 19, 2012

Thanks for visiting the blog of the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition!

This is Liz, I am the Coordinator for the MSSC, and failed blog-linker to our current website, but I think this is pretty cool too. If you didn’t get here from our website, check it out! –> www.themssc.wix.com/themssc

The MSSC is Michigan’s statewide coalition of young people interested in sustainability issues. We hope to connect these students and young people from across the state so that we can learn from each other, work together, and have a louder youth voice. Ultimately, we hope to have an impact on state and national policy through this solidarity as a statewide sustainability movement.

Check out what we are up to and hear from many youth leaders as we blog about our experiences in this sustainability movement. For a sneak preview, check out this list of things we are currently fired up about:

– Transitioning MI to more clean, renewable energy! Its the future, yo. Have you heard about Prop 3 on the ballot this year? Check it out.

– Stopping current and preventing future FRACKING for natural gas. We would like to keep our clean land and drinking water, thanks.

– Corporations that are dominating our political system with their $$$$$$$$. Especially the ones that want to use it to destroy our environment,  like Enbridge sneakily creating this INTERNATIONAL TAR SANDS PIPELINE through the Great Lakes.

– Coming together as a movement equipped to guide our state forward into a more sustainable future.

Thanks for the support!


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