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Day of Action Results!

Our Powervote Day of Action was a great success! We collected about 400 pledges statewide, all in one day! Thanks to all of our friends and organizers for putting in so much effort and hard work. Here is a blurb from Molly Black, our Student Coordinator running our Clean Energy Champion campaign at Michigan State:

“2012 Day of Action was a success with the help of my fellow Michigan State University students. Together with MSU Greenpeace, MSU Beyond Coal, and the members of the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition we collected more than 237 pledges! Through determination, collaboration, and teamwork we all went above and beyond our goal to collect 100 more pledges for MSU’s campus. Some students stood at bus stops, performed class raps, posted the online pledge on Facebook, or asked friends to sign on to be a clean energy champion.”

If you want to see for yourself how well we are doing, check out the powervote.org leaderboard. We currently have Michigan State, the University of Michigan, and Central Michigan University all in the top 10!

This day of action was a great opportunity for us to collect pledges and spread awareness about corporate polluters, but we aren’t stopping here. We will continue on our path to collecting thousands of students committed to voting for clean energy (we currently have 1800), and make sure that MI’s youth are able to play a critical role in creating more clean energy for our state. Up next we will be holding fun educational events on several campuses during the month of October to collect more pledges and educate our peers about why clean energy is good, and necessary, for us!

As always, thanks for reading and keep up the good work!

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Powervote Day of Action!

Today MSSCers from Michigan State and the University of Michigan are holding coordinated events to support the national Powervote day of action. Students from both of these schools will be out around campus collecting student clean energy voter pledges and driving calls to get Duke to dump ALEC. These actions are part of a larger fall clean energy campaign and the national Powervote movement.

On both of these campuses students got creative and will be handing out corporate polluter fact sheets attached to dum dums (because corporate polluters are dum!). These students are hoping to spread the word about how oil and gas corporations are using their $$$$$$ to influence our policies, and prevent a transition to renewable energy. Last night at MSU, we held a meeting to talk about the event and put together our materials! It was a great way to get to know each other better, eat some candy, and talk about best practices.


Here are the facts that these students will be handing out, taken from the NWF’s newly released student guide for uncovering the truth about corporate polluters:

  • 10 of the top 20 most profitable companies in the world are oil, gas and mineral extractions companies.
  • During the current session of Congress, nearly $23 million in campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests and companies have been distributed to Representatives thus far.
  • In 2011, the oil and gas industry spent $149 million on lobbying, outspending the renewable energy sector by about three to one.
  • Oxbow Corporation, a global energy conglomerate founded by Bill Koch, was responsible for over $2.7 million in donations during the 2011-2012 election cycle. This is the greatest donation amount by oil and gas by over $1 million.
  • Exxon Mobil, the number two contributor to Federal candidates from the oil and gas industry in 2011-2012, has spent over $22,000,000 since 1998 to fund corporations and think tanks that work to deny global warming.
  • Since 1998, Exxon Mobil has spent $176,362,742 lobbying congress, spending almost $7 million in 2012 alone.
  • For every dollar the fossil fuel industry invests in Congress, they get at least $320 back in subsidies.
  • In 2011, major energy companies extracted 627 million barrels of oil from federal lands—lands that are the property of all U.S. taxpayers.
  • In 2011, major energy companies extracted 448 million short tons of coal from federal lands—lands that are the property of all U.S. taxpayers.

If you’re feeling inspired, make sure that you call Duke Energy today and tell them to dump ALEC. It is not acceptable for these corporations to delay our nation’s progress for the sake of profit. Here’s some background info and the script.

  • ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is a corporate bill mill that brings state lawmakers to the table with lobbyists and lawyers from large companies and front groups in order to write model state laws. These include laws like voter suppression, blocks on clean energy and pollution controls, the S.B.1070 law allowing racial profiling in Arizona, and the “Stand Your Ground” laws involved in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.
  • Duke Energy is a massive electric utility company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They own dozens of coal-fired power plants around the country, most of which burn coal from the devastating method known as mountaintop removal mining. Duke works directly with ALEC to create model bills and push an anti-environment agenda.


Call Bill Tyndall and tell him that Duke needs to dump ALEC!

Bill is located in DC and oversees all of Duke’s lobbying and political activity, he has been bothered by calls from all over the nation, it’s time to add your voice. Call him today at (202) 824-8001 ext.  7

Sample Script:

Hello [Duke contact],

My name is ________ and I’m calling from ________.

I urge Duke Energy to sever all ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council due to its role in (pick which issue concerns you most)

  • Suppressing American voters through so-called “Voter ID” bills
  • Blocking solutions to global warming
  • Attacking clean energy programs
  • Blocking the US Environmental Protection Agency from reducing air and water pollution

It is not enough for Duke Energy to say it doesn’t support all of ALEC’s dirty agenda if Duke continues to give tens of thousands of dollars for ALEC meetings and use Duke staff to help ALEC’s state operations.



Stay tuned to hear about how we did!

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Public Comment Against Land Auction for Fracking

This past week, students from across the state came to Lansing to make a public comment at the Natural Resources Commission of Michigan meeting. These students were part of a larger group called Citizens Against Drilling on Public Lands in Michigan, a group created by students to unite the anti-fracking movement in an effort to stop our public lands from being fracked. This group is currently opposing the DNR’s upcoming public land auction of mineral rights in Michigan, which means that oil and gas companies can buy our land cheaply and continue fracking in Michigan. 


Check out this blog from Jordan Lindsay, an MSU student and leader working with MSU Greenpeace. Jordan attended the hearing and made a comment, and gives a great overview of what happened during that time, and what will happen next. 

Contact cadplmich@gmail.com to find out how you can help. 

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Thanks for visiting the blog of the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition!

This is Liz, I am the Coordinator for the MSSC, and failed blog-linker to our current website, but I think this is pretty cool too. If you didn’t get here from our website, check it out! –> www.themssc.wix.com/themssc

The MSSC is Michigan’s statewide coalition of young people interested in sustainability issues. We hope to connect these students and young people from across the state so that we can learn from each other, work together, and have a louder youth voice. Ultimately, we hope to have an impact on state and national policy through this solidarity as a statewide sustainability movement.

Check out what we are up to and hear from many youth leaders as we blog about our experiences in this sustainability movement. For a sneak preview, check out this list of things we are currently fired up about:

– Transitioning MI to more clean, renewable energy! Its the future, yo. Have you heard about Prop 3 on the ballot this year? Check it out.

– Stopping current and preventing future FRACKING for natural gas. We would like to keep our clean land and drinking water, thanks.

– Corporations that are dominating our political system with their $$$$$$$$. Especially the ones that want to use it to destroy our environment,  like Enbridge sneakily creating this INTERNATIONAL TAR SANDS PIPELINE through the Great Lakes.

– Coming together as a movement equipped to guide our state forward into a more sustainable future.

Thanks for the support!

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